Dr. Christian R. Voolstra

postdoctoral scholar, Medina Lab
School of Natural Sciences
University of California, Merced
email: chris.voolstra@gmail.com

Research Interests:

Current Project: Evolutionary Genomics & Systems Biology of Coral Reefs

Coral reefs represent one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. They are, however, extremely fragile and endangered ecosystems due to human imposed exploitation, pollution, and global warming. An Evolutionary Genomics and Systems Biology perspective can add to our understanding of reef ecology and conservation efforts. Briefy, I am interested in 1) the role of adaptive evolution and coral-specific genes in molecular mechanisms of bleaching and stress, 2) the molecular machinery of mutualism between corals and algae, and 3) the role of prokaryotes in these processes.

I think that only the application of a comparative genomic, ecological, and evolutionary approach will provide an integrative framework, in which we are able to understand the significance of the coral holobiont and the contribution of each of its member species.

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Christian R. Voolstra
postdoctoral scholar
School of Natural Sciences
University of California, Merced
P.O. Box 2039
Merced CA 95344
tel: 209-228-4183
fax: 209-228-4053

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